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Practice Appointment System


The Appointment System

You can book an appointment for the same day, for the following day or for up to two weeks in advance.

In addition to the reception staff, the surgery has an automated appointments system called Patient Partner which is the first option offered when you phone the surgery on 0208 515 1300. You can use this at any time to book, cancel or change an appointment except 11.30pm – 6.00am.

You can also book an appointment via the new on-line booking system which is up and running now.

1. On The Day Apointments

On any given day, you can phone the surgery and speak to a receptionist to book an appointment for the Same Day. The receptionist will endeavour to book you with the doctor of your choice but if either your preferred doctor is not in or is already booked, you will be offered an appointment with any available doctor. Therefore, to get the doctor of your CHOICE, you will have to book a pre-bookable appointment via Patient Partner, on-line web booking or phone the next day after 8.30am.

2. Following Day Appointments

Each day, before the surgery closes, a few slots per doctor are released for the following day. You can book any one of these slots via Patient Partner after 6.00 pm. As there are a limited number of these slots, the earlier you ring the better.

How Patients Partner Works:

When you access Patient Partner, you will be asked for your:

  1. Date of Birth – use the following format, i.e. 01.01.08 = dd/mm/yy
  2. Contact Number: This is the number you have given to the Practice and is the NUMBER you should quote when asked, regardless of where and which phone you are calling from.

(For example: you have given us your Home Landline Number (020 8204 0000) but you are calling from your Work or Mobile, when asked for your Contact Details, you must give your Home Land Line number (020 8204 0000) followed by the STAR KEY for the system to let you go further).

You will be offered the following choices:

Press 1 for 1st available appointment with any Doctor
2 for 1st available appointment with any MALE Doctor
3 for 1st available appointment with any FEMALE Doctor
4 for a NURSE appointment

After you have made a selection, you will be asked to:

Press 0 to book the appointment offered
1 for next appointment
3 for next day’s appointments
6 for the last available appointment
8 for the last appointment of the day

Please Remember

1. To press the STAR KEY after you give your contact number

2. If the appointment offered is not suitable, you can PRESS the next suitable number and carry on until the system finds you a suitable appointment.

3. You can book up to six weeks in advance.

4. If you are hoping for an appointment for the following day, all available slots may have been taken by the time you ring.

3. Prebookable Appointments - Up To Three Weeks In Advance

Each day there will be:

  1. four early morning slots and two afternoon slots per doctor available for booking in advance via Patient Partner.
  2. two pre bookable appointment slots with each doctor that can be booked at the receptionists’ discretion for commuter and elderly patients who have difficulty booking an appointment at 8.30 am.
  3. three appointments that can be booked using the online appointment system
  4. two slots with each doctor for telephone consultations

4. Book Follow Up Appointments Up To Four Weeks In Advance

  1. four appointments with each doctor per day for follow ups

5. On-Line Booking System

To use this service, patients need to be registered, therefore, please ask at the reception for the registration form.  Once we have more patients registered for on-line booking, we will increase the number of these slots.

On-line appointments

To book your On-line appointment, please go to the appointments tab and click on the icon that says:


6. On-Call Doctor

There is one doctor on-call every day. This doctor deals with all emergencies and urgent queries from patients, consultants/specialists from hospitals and other external organisations. He/she will triage all urgent calls. A receptionist will take your details and pass them to the on-call doctor who after triaging the call may phone you to discuss your problem or ask a receptionist to phone you to book an appointment for the same day.

7. Extended Surgery Hours

There will no longer be the early morning surgeries on Monday and Friday mornings or Monday evenings. These are replaced by adding nurse appointments instead. The Saturday surgery will carry on as before with additional nurse appointments. Both these surgeries will be pre-bookable as before.


Surgery Opening Times:

DAY Opening Closing
Monday 8:30 18:30
Tuesday 8:30 18:30
Wednesday 8:30 18:30
Thursday 8:30 18:30
Friday 8:30 18:30
Saturday ( Extended Hours) 9:00 11:30am

The Opening times for the Surgery are 8am to 6.30pm.

Please note that 8am – 8.30am, 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 6pm to 6.30pm , the Surgery is open only for collecting / requesting Prescriptions, dropping of the samples or collecting the medical insurance reports etc.

All appointments during the Extended Hrs i.e. on Saturday mornings must be booked in advance. Therefore, the practice door will only be opened for patients who have a pre booked appointment with a doctor or a nurse.


  1. No walk-in or emergency patients will be seen during these hours.
  2. No prescription requests will be taken or prescriptions given.
  3. All emergency situations should be handled as before by phoning the out of hours service:

 i.NHS 111 for advice on 111; and

ii.Harmoni on 0845 850 1172

If you need any further information on the extended hours or seek any clarification, please contact me via the reception staff.

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