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PRG Meeting Report Sep 2015

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We are encouraging patients to give their views about how the Practice is doing. We would like to be able to find out the opinions of as many patients as possible and are asking if people would like to provide their email addresses so we can contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two.

Are you interested in leaving your email details?  

If YES please complete the Contact Form and hand it back to the reception (or provide your details over the phone to me) we will add your email address to a contact list.  Your contact details will only be used for this purpose and will be kept safely.

I would like you to know that as a registered patient of this Practice, you are automatically a member of our Patient Group which is very active in working with the Practice Management to improve our services. If you wish to join the committee or discuss any issue with a member of the committee, please let the reception staff know. The dates of the future committee meetings are on the Patient Notice Board in reception.

You can now access the Agenda and Minutes of the Patient Group meetings by clicking on the Patient Group tab at the top and also access the latest Practice Newsletter by clicking on the Practice Newsletter tab on the left hand side of this page.

Our members are:

Priti Bodani - Chair
Sheilah Lowe - secretary
Sania Sehbai, Helen Shorter, Sylvia Farooqi, Margaret Bristow
Daphne Sutherland, Philippa Solovitz, Anjuman Khanam, Saroj Kale

Practice Mission Statement

"Every Person matters."

Core values of the practice

Respect and Compassion

We Want to Make Sure We Treat People with Dignity and Understanding

  • Be kind, compassionate, friendly and respectful
  • Be responsive to individual’s needs and circumstances
  • Actively listening and demonstrating empathy
  • Providing a safe environment for patients and staff
  • Acting promptly to raise concerns 

Engagement and Involvement

We Aim to Involve Our Community in Making Decisions About What We Do

  • Be open minded when we listen
  • Be active in seeking feedback and views
  • Contributing to a climate of fairness and equality
  • Communicating well
  • Learning from people’s experience
  • Involving others in active discussion

Improvement and Development

To Ensure Our Services Continue to develop to Make the Best Use of Resources

  • Be open to change and innovation
  • Be responsible for making change happen so we can deliver benefits for patients and staff
  • Be bold and identify better way of doing things
  • Sharing best practice to improve our services
  • Measuring improvement
  • Identifying in our learning and development 

Working Together

We Want to Work as a Team to Provide Good Quality, Safe Patient Care

  • Be responsible for our actions
  • Value our colleagues
  • Striving to do our best
  • Respecting our colleagues
  • Giving praise where praise is due
  • Investing in our learning development

Results Of The Patient Survey

The report on the recently carried out Patient Survey is now on the Practice website.  You can read this report by clicking on the Patient Group tab. 74% of you think that the Practice is good, very good and excellent. However for the other 26% who are not happy, an action plan has been developed and is on to the website.  If you wish to make any comments regarding the survey or the action plan, please let me know

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Patient Survey Report 2013-14

Patient Participation Report 2013-14

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Patient Reference Group Report 2014-15

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Minutes Of The Meetings


Minutes From The Complaints Sub Group

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