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Practice Charter

The Practice Charter outlines the aims of the Practice and what we also request from our patients.

Our Commitment to You:

  • We will treat our patients as individuals and give them the best advice/treatment available.
  • We will provide a personal, friendly and confidential service to our patients
  • We will ensure that patients are aware and in agreement with further investigations at a local or specialist hospital.
  • We aim to support patients in leading a healthier lifestyle and provide information so that an informed choice may be made.
  • We aim to keep patients informed of our services, their rights and any other information which directly affects health treatment.
  • We aim to monitor and improve our systems to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible within the resources available to us.
  • We aim to always explain proposed treatments and medication.
  • We will explain the reasons for taking pathology specimens.
  • We understand and respect our patients’ cultural and religious beliefs and their rights of privacy.
  • We aim to provide an out-of-hours service.
  • We will give our patients access to their medical records written after 1st November 1991, where appropriate.
  • We will ensure that our staff maintains strict confidentiality of these records and all other information.
  • We aim to endeavour to see patients on time and make sure no patient waits longer than 30 minutes without an explanation.
  • We aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere whilst waiting to be seen.
  • We will make sure all staff are easily identifiable.
  • We will address our patients with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • We will provide a routine appointment within 72 hours of the request and fit emergencies in the same day.
  • We operate a practice complaints procedure which may be used in confidence.
  • We welcome and consider all feedback from patients on our services.

Please Help us to Help You

  • Telephone us before 11:00 to request a home visit if you are too ill to come to the practice, or are housebound.
  • Only ask your doctor to visit out of surgery hours for any urgent treatment that will not wait until next surgery.
  • Make an appointment for each person wishing to see the doctor or nurse.
  • You will restrict all practice appointments to a 10-minute consultation in respect of medical issues, unless the doctor or member of our nursing staff considers an extension of this time is clinically necessary
  • Not to book any appointments for issues that do not relate to diagnosis or treatment of your health needs
  • Accept all decision made by a practice clinician with respect to the need for medication, referral or continued appointments for the same medical condition
  • Comply with all instructions given by a practice clinician with regards to self-medication or treatment
  • Be punctual for appointments and phone to cancel the appointment if you cannot come.
  • Report to receptionist on arrival (or use the automated patient check in system)
  • Bear with us if there is a delay – this may be due to another patient needing additional time or an emergency. We will try and keep you informed of anticipated delays.
  • Use our service responsibly and do not expect immediate treatment for non-urgent / routine conditions.
  • Utilise the services of other professionals in the practice – the GP is not necessarily the most appropriate person to see.
  • Use other avenues of help – pharmacy, NHS Direct etc. where appropriate.
  • Keep your medical card safe.
  • Give 72 hours’ notice (excluding weekends) when ordering your repeat prescriptions, and make sure you have enough medication for this period.
  • Be patient if you are kept waiting for an appointment, as the person before you may be seriously ill and the doctor may need extra time with them.
  • Ensure that young children do not damage the practice or waiting areas in any way, or be allowed to wander unsupervised around the building.
  • Treat all members of staff at the practice with courtesy and respect.
  • Keep us informed of any name, address and telephone number changes
  • Treat us with respect. We will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse.
  • Treat the doctors, nurses and reception staff with the same standards of courtesy and respect that you would expect to receive. Rudeness or abuse of any kind, or attempting to pressurise a clinician or member of staff to act against their clinical judgement or practice policies, is unacceptable
  • We operate a Practice Complaint procedure which may be used in confidence. We operate a complaints procedure.