Enhanced Practice Nurse

Mr Antony Holland

Working days: Tuesday

Enhanced Practice Nurse Services

The Enhanced Practice Nurse Pilot introduced by CCG. The EPN will work with the patient, Carer (where applicable) and family on a regular basis, he will support the patient’s care plan, which will be instigated by the GP, and coordinate all those involved in the patient’s care, including patients in care homes. The EPN will work with the patient to identify changing needs which will be relayed to the GP to consider as part of their care plan review to ensure that outcomes are being achieved.

Mr Antony Holland who has joined the Practice from 7th August 2018, will be working as Enhanced Practice Nurse alongside GPs and Nurses on a weekly basis on Tuesdays.

Practice Nurses

Nr Mary Remedios

Nr Mary Remedios

Nr Patricia Mcshane


Nurse Rowe

Nr Tracey Rowe

The Practice employs highly competent Nurses: Mary, Tracey, Amanda and Patricia who all work part time and provide adequate cover. They provide a wide range of health care to our patients, including The NHS health checks, Health promotion, Blood Pressure checks, Travel Immunisations, Cervical Smears, Ear Syringing and advice on diet and smoking. They also carry out the Child Immunisations and run clinics in Asthma, Diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Hypertension, COPD and of course, they carry out all other standard treatment room procedures.

The Nursing team provides a high level of clinical competence and are assisted by Celia Shah who is our Health Care Assistant and a professional Phlebotomist.